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Let your fellow hockey fans know that you are 3 things.

- A diehard fan.



This scarf is 62" x 7.25" and has two sides, featuring:

ANTI-RACIST TERRITORY - With the "Clenched Fist" symbol, representing solidarity and support. First used in the Spanish Civil War, many used it later in the 1960s during the Civil Rights movement. Despite many years between uses, the meaning has stayed the same.

ANTI-FASCIST TERRITORY - With the "Three Arrows" symbol, this was created by revolutionaries in the Weimar Republic of Germany. A symbol representing the resistance of Reactionary Conservatism, corrupt Communism, and mainly, the Nazi regime. Modern day use represents the resistance against the rise of White Nationalism, while supporting the rise of the Anti-Fascist Iron Front movement.


"Why politicize sports?"

Because before the players leave the locker room, and before fans become "customers", they are people first. These symbols represent the opposition to racism, fascism, and persecution based on their skin color, race, religion or identity. -a human rights issue, not a political stance.

*100% of proceeds will be going to a charity of Evander Kane's choice, TBD.

If you are interested in learning more about these symbols, what they represent or how you can get more involved in inclusion in sports, feel free to email TCC at

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